TALsounds On Tour with Matchess

TALsounds and Matchess are hitting the road for a couple weeks this July, so if you're on the East Coast, you're in luck. Earlier this month we released Love Sick, TALsounds' debut LP. Natalie Chami's project centers on her ability to multitask with loops, synthesizers, beats, effects. She may be one human onstage, but the sonic presence is far greater. Don't miss out on what Wire calls "the sound of a synthesist at the height of her skills, with a voice at its most emotive and a melodic framework at its most fragmented." 

David Nance on NPR / Touring this summer / Covering Doug Sahm

A new song arrives from Omaha's master of messy rock perfection. The titular track from his forthcoming album is up today on NPR, and you can listen here.


"This is spastic dance music for rock 'n' roll deviants," says Lars Gotrich.

Negative Boogie is out July 14th - pre-order now.

In addition to Negative Boogie, anyone who pre-orders the album will receive a copy of Nance covering the entirety of Doug Sahm's Doug Sahm & Band. 

We're not done yet. David is touring the United States of America as well, this July:

14 July / Omaha, NE / Reverb Lounge (Album Release Show!)

19 July / Lincoln, NE / Bourbon Theater

20 July / Kansas City, MO / MiniBar

21 July / Lafayette, IN / The Spot

22 July / Indianapolis, IN / State Street Pub

23 July / Lexington, KY / Best Friend Bar

24 July / Asheville, NC / The Lazy Diamond

25 July / Raleigh, NC / Neptune's

26 July / Washington, DC / Slash Run

27 July / Philadelphia, PA / Kung-Fu Necktie

29 July / New York, NY / Alphaville

30 July / Jersey City, NJ / Montgomery Hall

31 July / New Haven, CT / Cafe 9

1 August / Cleveland, OH / The Happy Dog

2 August / Detroit, MI / UFO Club

3 August / Chicago, IL / Cafe Mustache

4 August / Minneapolis, MN / Eagles Club #34

5 August/ Mankato, MN / The Nakato

6 August / Sioux Falls, SD / Total Drag

The Renderers are touring now (in the US)!

New Zealand's most goth atmospheric rockers are currently touring the US in support of a few excellent releases - namely this year's In The Sodium Light. They've also announced a reissue of their 1998 classic A Dream of the Sea, coming at you for the first time on LP. 

You can read more and check out their recent music video for "Seaworthy" via Impose Magazine. 

In celebration of all things harrowing yet beautiful, why not check them out in a city near you?

The Renderers Score Their First Feature Film, notes to eternity

Our very own Renderers scored their first feature film, notes to eternity, a documentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Their stark music fits the soundscape of the lives and ideas of four renowned critics of Israel: Noam Chomsky, Sara Roy, Norman Finkelstein and Robert Fisk, sharpening perspective on the nature of the issue that transcends historical and cultural lines. The film was screened in last year's New Zealand International Film Festival. Critics described notes to eternity as "an impressive and affecting film, an inspired and inspiring example of world class craft." Director Sarah Cordery and her team have started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for post-production. You can watch the trailer for the film and support their campaign here.