dearth of a salesman


"I've never sold anything in my life," says CEO of Ba Da Bing! Records & Management, Ben Goldberg. He's not lying.

What we do here at Ba Da Bing! is vend feelings. Absorb cares. Distribute feels. 

We're a record label. We put out music. We sometimes work with other record labels.

Our first releases were in 1994. They were 7"s by Salteen and The Receptionists.

We were based in New Jersey in the early years. Now we are in Brooklyn. 

Ben will roast you at any event free of charge. He also has a gold record in his closet. He works with Katie Von Schleicher, who does our graphic design, production and promotion. Her songs are awesome.

Our final release will be in 2028, when we offered fans the opportunity to upload into their brainstems the latest works of Gullible Traymour. You don't know who Gullible Traymour is...yet...but this will be the perfect sign off release. RIP.

For a deeper understanding we'd like to direct you to Billions' manifesto, which says what we feel, but better. 


Grapefruit Record Club:

Our web store is hosted at Grapefruit Record Club, but for those who are worried about buying directly from us, we want you to know that via Grapefruit you are, it's us, too! Grapefruit Record Club is a record label founded by Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg in 2011 to release exclusive, limited LPs by dedicated artists, both known and yet-to-be-known.  Originally created as a subscription-only "vinyl club", we sold subscriptions which included four albums by different artists released quarterly throughout the year. After four years, we changed our model and will now release one album at a time and sell them individually instead of in whole sets. In 2015, Grapefruit became a distributor as well and now offers a curated selection of titles by other kindred independent labels.