on friday june 28th, arc iris decided to grace us with their new ep, friends and lovers.

iT’s out now and you can listen to it by clicking the button above!


1. Friends - Led Zeppelin

2. Candle in the Wind - Elton John

3. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin

4. Become You Blackbird - Arc Iris

5. Lover, Lover, Lover - Leonard Cohen


She keeps bees - kinship


“The vibe is ethereal…Rather than being naked, the album is flayed to the bone.” -Bearded magazine

“the power of She Keeps Bees lies in the nuance, the understated.” - post trash

“it is a record ready to fight for a better future, for ourselves, our children and our planet as we know it”- The fat angel sings


Lady lamb - even in the tremor


“Her vivid observations amplify nuance and color, giving her songs a synesthetic quality…” - pitchfork

“[lady lamb] displays a keen eye for detail on a set of self-examining, soulfully sung songs that clarify her place in the upper echelon of indie songwriters.”

- The philadelphia inquirer

“slow-building, anthemic indie-rock with big hooks and boisterous choruses.” - The San Diego beat

“[lady lamb] has this incredible vocal range and her albums are all so good, including her latest, even in the tremor.” - NBC San Diego

“Even in the Tremor showcases a rawness and vulnerability [she] has not yet shared so explicitly before.”

- no depression

“she takes on the challenge of writing entirely about herself. The results are thoughtful, challenging and emotionally real.”

- Riff magazine


tiny ruins - olympic girls


“Hollie Fullbrook’s retro-cool purr suffuses the music with a tone that implies both tragedy and seduction…” - The A.V. Club

“Olympic Girls celebrates moments of fleeting joy in a flawed world.” - BUST

“Olympic Girls is warm, bold and anthemic.” - Paste

“Set to music that looks toward new horizons, Olympic Girls is a gentle study into freedom’s precariousness. ” - Pitchfork


the dead c - rare ravers

“The trio incant a spellbinding and dizzying mélange, that is sure to send you swiftly whirring into phaser-laden no-blues bliss."

- Avant music news

“an album that is impressively devoid of any wasted time.”- brainwashed

“Superb, stretched out post rock, post noise with a beautiful warm cloud of psych…” - medium



“A breakout moment... stunning.” 9/10 - Uncut

“An arc of mourning and mysticism.”

- The New York Times

“A master of ambient and drone music.” - Mojo

“The sound of solitude and solace.” - Pitchfork





New album by celebrated New Zealand guitarist legend roy montgomery (Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve)

Featuring vocal contributions from grouper, Haley Fohr, Julianna Barwick, Katie Von Schleicher, Purple Pilgrims, and She Keeps Bees.

ORDER NOW via grapefruit record club

"sonically sympathetic in their understanding of space ... divine distortion and a volume that crests, but never breaks." - NPR MUSIC





New hamish kilgour album: Finklestein

BING128 Finkelstein Cover-01.jpg

Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) releases his second-ever solo LP, a follow up to 2014's All of It and Nothing. This sprawling, jangling and fairytale-based Finklestein is not to be missed.

"the album has an unrushed charm as it unspools slowly and mysteriously" - AllMusic



Jackson C. Frank: The Complete Recordings 

Available now!

Lp, CD, Book & Box Set