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Jenn Grant Is Playing Rockwood Music Hall on June 10th

By admin | May 21st, 2015 | Jenn Grant |

Our favorite Canadian, Ms. Jenn Grant will be playing NYC on June [...]


Pitchfork Premieres New Jackson C. Frank Song, “China Blue”

By admin | May 14th, 2015 | Jackson C. Frank |

In anticipation of our release of The Complete Recordings of Jackson C. Frank Volumes [...]


Grapefruit Records Expands To Distribution Of Awesome Shit We Didn’t Even Make

By admin | May 01st, 2015 | Grapefruit Records |

We’re happy to say that the Grapefruit Records website has expanded, providing [...]


Ora Iso Is Coming To A City Near You

By admin | May 01st, 2015 | Ora Iso |

If you’re in Minnesota and you dig intense abstracted rock, you’re in [...]


New Jenks Miller & Rose Cross, NC Cassette

By admin | Apr 08th, 2015 | NC |

We all knew winter was coming this year, and oh boy, did [...]


Pre-Order Jackson C Frank: The Complete Recordings

By admin | Apr 02nd, 2015 | Jackson C. Frank,News |

    Ba Da Bing Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming [...]


Listen to Cross Record’s Folkadelphia Session

By admin | Mar 26th, 2015 | News |

Cross Record’s Folkadelphia session is heavy, atmospheric, and full of new material. [...]


Leah Wellbaum (SLOTHRUST) will be playing shows in the West Coast!

By admin | Jan 08th, 2015 | News |

Just Booked! Leah Wellbaum (from the one and only Slothrust) with a [...]