internship opportunities


Get one of our records, and we guarantee fun. Intern for us, and we guarantee a season's worth of fond memories! Our interns have gone on to, among other things, play in bands people actually like, work at music companies you've heard of, attend a fine college that would impress your parents, taste some fantastic reds from other countries, snack on endless Pringles via Costco, get into "work mode" forever more with a strict 12-6pm schedule, and sometimes even see some cool shows.

If you're curious as to how the music industry works, we promise you a wholly subjective window into the proceedings, where you will learn first-hand how to work with bands, market and promote records and cry in extreme existential misery as you wonder why the hell the record you're working on isn't more popular. Join in! We accept you! One of us!

If you're interested in finding out about an internship at Ba Da Bing, please send us a resume at