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David Nance lives in a world where rock has been influenced as much by This Kind of Punishment and The Pin Group as by The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones. Omaha’s best-kept secret, up to now known primarily to DIY tape collectors and record club subscribers, Nance welcomes all with More Than Enough, his first full-band full-length, which follows the stellar but criminally under-heard 2013 Actor’s Diary LP on Grapefruit Records, as well as a string of limited-edition, over-modulatingly intense and emotionally destructive cassette releases. Recorded in Los Angeles, scrapped, then re-recorded after a move back to his Omaha hometown with his wife, More Than Enough sounds like the very last record to have undergone any process longer than a few hours of recording. It’s that immediate and on fire. The recipe: (a) get a shit-hot group of musicians; (b) cut songs down to their most “on” moments, or alternately let them ride a groove into the sun; (c) capture it all on actual tape. That’s the Nance approach, and it’s as much an ode to home-recorded brilliance as it is to whoop-ass inspiring rock. Nance will be touring this summer with Itasca, and later on with Simon Joyner and The Renderers. Blare on.









Listen to Dragging Across The East, David Nance's self-released collection of live recordings, 2015-16, and become excited, because every year is just another year in our lives where we will most certainly get some Nance. Believe it or not, he completed the cover art himself during a stay in Baden-Baden.