Natural Snow Buildings

France’s mythic Natural Snow Buildings is a band revered in experimental music circles despite self-releasing most of their albums in ridiculously limited runs. Their album, Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches, CD from 2008 was an edition of only 22 copies.

NSB consists of Mehdi Amezine and Solange Gularte, two young French artists from rural Brittany. In addition to their collaborative efforts, they each have solo, musical endeavors under the monikers, TwinSisterMoon and Isengrind. Fans of Popol Vuh raga drones, Flying Saucer Attack distorted bliss, The Dead C’s intuitive chaos, and Islaja’s oblique folk, take note.

Natural Snow Buildings make melodic, orchestrated, droning compositions with layers of guitars, chants, woodwinds, percussive bells, distortion and delay.

In 2012, Ba Da Bing re-released their record Night Coercion on CD and (for the very first time) vinyl. In the spring of 2013, Ba Da Bing released The Snowbringer Cult.