Giant Surface Music Falling To Earth Like Jewels From The Sky CD (BING-016)
Released: 1998

Yume Bitsu CD (BING-020)
Released: 11/15/99

Jason Anderson – drums
Alex Bundy – electronics
Adam Forkner – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Franz Prichard – guitars

“Like Mogwai, Sonic Youth and other guitar-noise experimenters, the mostly instrumental YB conjures up slow, drifting waves of sound that hang ringing in the air – then gradually coalesce into brooding shadows that explode with thunderous sonic fury before dissipating back into misty remains.” -Winnipeg Sun

“Most space rock lacks any real feeling. Any stoner with access to guitars, a box of distortion pedals and studio time can produce a half-assed Pink Floyd’s ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, or try to resurrect the stubborn ghost of Spacemen 3. Portland’s Yume Bitsu go against the grain with their brand of big-hearted guitar epics, and pull no sonic punches.” -Alternative Press

“The music contained within is so absorbing and pleasing, I find myself drifting away unintentionally into a daydream.” -Exclaim

Yume Bitsu (which roughly translates to “dream beats” in Japanese) was formed in 1995 by Adam Forkner and Franz Prichard in Portland. They envisioned not just a group, but an entire world known as Dryystn, wherein their music resides. I still have no clue what they mean by this, but they have it all figured out in vast detail, and none of it would matter for anything anyway if their music wasn’t so spectacular.

Giant Surface Music lays out the basics of their goals, mixing psychedelia with a fluid pliability that allows the music to float and hover like the best space rock. Originally self-released, Ba Da Bing! “reissued” the first pressing by putting a sticker with its address on the back.

Yume Bitsu might be considered the definitive statement for the first phase of the band. Taking off where Giant Surface left off, the record is a spectacular listen, with multiple guitar tracks filling in every part of the sound and Forkner’s wispy vocals touching off long, entrancing instrumental passages.

Since releasing these albums, Yume Bitsu has signed to the great K Records.

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