Portal CD (BING-004)

Carl Hultgren – guitars
Windy Webber – bass, vocals

“Windy & Carl should do some one-off shows on their own in the Arizona Desert, where this hallucino-mystic duo’s primary interacting factions – warm strumming guitars, tinkling bells and UFO-whirring sounds and myriad other effects, toasted together by a warm, outer-dimension feeling – would be appreciated to the utmost.” -Magnet

“The result is a picture of nebulous beautfy, full of fathomless depth. Yet, no matter how still the rhythmic notions here are, there exists a constant feeling of movement, ever forward, into a vaster unknown.” -Detroit Metro Times

Their first compact disc release, Portal collects the music found on the cassette of the same name (released by the band’s own Blue Flea) with more than thirty minutes of new material. As pioneers of what some came to call the Detroit Space Rock scene, Windy & Carl are also one of the few bands from the era still around today, creating some of the best music of their careers. They’ve managed to do this without telling people they were brother and sister, too. Currently, Windy & Carl record for Kranky Records, and Windy and Carl run Stormy Records in Detroit.

Link to www.brainwashed.com/wc