Love The Cup CD
Release Date: 11/25/03

Music has always been a family affair, whether in truth (the Carters, the Jacksons, the Danielsons), spirit (Parliament, Amon Du’l) or some strange combination therein (White Stripes, Destiny’s Child). Sibling love and competition has engineered some of the greatest songs ever made. Related in every sense but blood, SONS & DAUGHTERS rise from their early traditionalist Scottish folk songs on Love the Cup, embracing the subjects of love, god and murder that Johnny Cash so eloquently eulogized.

All four members were active in the Glasgow scene before coming together. ADELE BETHEL and DAVID GOW recorded and toured as members of ARAB STRAP and THE ZEPHYRS. SCOTT PATERSON has his own project called MARCH OF DIMES, while AILIDH (pronounced “Ay-Lee”) LENNON studied classical composition at a local university.

SONS & DAUGHTERS self released EP The Lovers recorded in 2002, was a stately af fair, revolving sparse folk progressions around Adele’s downcast vocals. Beauty emanated from death crawls, guitar chords holding on until barely perceptible and tempos steady and sure. So many bands start off playing at a fast pace before realizing the subtleties of slowing things down that it’s nice to hear a band apply the same method but do the exact opposite speed up. Love The Cup displays a group confident in each measure, every hook, unafraid to go hog wild on “Johnny Cash,” let the acoustic guitars and mandolins set the tone on “Start to End,” or allow the tension of a soft slow build on “Awkward Duet.”

SONS & DAUGHTERS will be touring the UK through the end of this year and next (they’ve recently opened SMOG and THROWING MUSES shows in Glasgow), and will be heading to the States next Spring.

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