Transparent CD (BING-008)
Released: 10/97

Not For The Faint Of Heart! CD (BING-027)
Released: 6/19/2001

Duke Of Arkansas CD (BING-036)
To be released: 1/03

“He takes from ABBA as fast as he steals from fellow Arkansan Sleepy LaBeef, and he combines the two in a jointed way that makes you think of Jimmie Rodgers before you think of Beck.” -Oxford American

“What the material does make clear, is that Morphew’s got the soul – and more specifically, the lyrics – of a poet.” -CMJ

Jason Morphew plays slow, mournful ballads with a brooding deep voice and a hat-tip to tradition. After spending a short period of time writing songs for musicians in Nashville, he moved up to New York, and Transparent combines a number of different recording sessions from that time. Some songs were done at JSM Studios, famous for producing commercial jingles. Others were done alone on four-track. Four of the songs were preformed with members of Holiday, while one is a duet with Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields. The album drew accolades everywhere from Oxford American to Sony Publishing (which immediately snatched him up for a publishing deal) to Hollywood (which used his song “Bring Your Sorrow Over Here” in the film Niagara, Niagara).

Four years later, Jason returned with an acoustic-guitar vengeance. Not For the Faint of Heart! collects twenty songs from an Arkansan-living-in-Los Angeles, who has stood onstage and seen the vipers slither out of the Viper Room toward a thousand action-movie premieres in the distance, who misses New York City and his car that was stolen there, who’s been a Southern freak in exile for so long he can’t remember who threw him out and why. From Santa Monica to Venice, through the Hollywood Hills to Eagle Rock, all the way up to Marin County, Not For the Faint of Heart! is Jason’s report from the far edge of the country, where Americans have always gone to dream and get ripped off.

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