Blek Ink CD (BING-022)
Release Date: 9/12/2000

Paul Lydon – guitar, piano, vocals

“Lydon doesn’t waste your time with narcissism masquerading as sensitivity in a bath of murk; this music will transport you.” -Magnet

“Paul Lydon, a.k.a. Bleck Ink, lives in Iceland, and you can feel the influence of that country’s bleak, moon-like landscapes in his music.” -Time Out NY

“This music whispers to be heard beneath the din.”-The Wire

Blek Ink is a collection of pop songs by way of dissonance and abstraction. Icelander Paul Lydon’s voice is a gentle presence amongst clamorous guitars, chimes and keyboard sounds. He’s been releasing tapes on his Nano label for years now and put out an instrumental album two years ago under the name Sanndreymi. While that album shared a musical sphere with Tower Recordings and Dead C, Blek Ink throws in a little Alastair Galbraith. The sound is more song-oriented, fitting together incongruous musical passages like they were always meant to collide.