“1 Mile North aren’t interested in definitions, in easily identifiable or “current” modes: this is a band that demands more of music than sequences and tones, invoking pasts their contemporaries are ignoring. This sonorous instrumental album divines new paths from ambient music’s more considered roots, reclaiming the wasted potential of its legacy. Merciless.” 9.0 Pitchfork

The entire album is built around the interaction between Jon Hills and Mark Bajuk as they find a way to effectively weave powerful compositional guitar movements around minimal analogue keyboards. Filling out the duo’s sound is a series of bass notes and loops, some of which are only perceptible upon the most attentive listens. Minor Shadows can only be seen as a success in the way that this duo has quietly and intricately assembled such a wonderfully calming and introspective album.” 10/12 Fake Jazz

Brooklyns 1 Mile North returns for their second record, the first for Ba Da Bing!, with a startling collection of music that suggests a completely original take on minimal composition. Jon Hills, influenced by Vini Reilly of Durutti Column’s ability to shape subtle melodies out of abstract structures, keeps the purity of his guitar sound intact, avoiding the stale short-cuts that mountains of effects pedals can bring. His playing resonates through the songs with a careful precision. Mark Bajuk, by day designs 3-D imaging for the Hayden Planetarium, is a classically trained pianist who has gathered a diverse analogue synthesizer collection, which he puts into heavy use on Minor Shadows. More thoughtful that mere ambient music, less restricted than your typical soundtrack, not requiring a knowledge of calculus like common math rock, 1 Mile North have created a record of gentle beauty and emotional strength that draws from modern classical as much as it does from rock drone. Fans of Tarentel, Labradford, and Bjorn Olsson will discover some intriguing terrain to explore.