Dead C Announces New Album ‘Armed Courage’ + Package Deals!

The Dead C have announced their new album ‘Armed Courage,’ out on Ba Da Bing September 3, 2013!

In celebration of The Dead C’s newest release, Ba Da Bing is offering three new package deals to those who pre-order Armed Courage.  Check out our Hell is Now Love / Trapdoor Fucking Exit / deal to get two Dead C LPs for just $30 (choose one new album, and one of our double-LP reissues!).  For those who are more behind on their Dead C vinyl collection, we give you the Eternity Now Pack: 9 albums for just $135.  Lastly, for the vinyl-deprived, we have the Relax Fallujah Hell Has Come Pack: 4 CDs for just $30.

Anyone who orders a package deal also gets one of the remaining t-shirts available from their 2010 US tour.

Check out these discount packages:

Hell Is Now Love / Trapdoor Fucking Exit Pack

Speed Kills Pack

Eternity Pack


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