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Grapefruit Records Yr 2 – Out Now!

You say you like free noise?  You say you love New Zealand’s music scene? You say you’re into guitars?

Well, folks, get ready.  We’re proud to announce Grapefruit Record’s second year collection.  The first quarterly release is a split LP featuring solo work by Bruce Russell (of The Dead C) and Roy Montgomery, both fantastic representatives of the Pacific experimental underground.

Here’s a sneak peak of their pieces. Make sure to head over to Grapefruit’s website to subscribe for this year’s full vinyl-only box set.  Remember individual albums are also for sale, but the full subscription will sure be your source of great music year-round!


“Our New Zealand is but a figment of imagination; the home of Montgomery and Russell is what is transmitted through your speakers. It’s rough, wild, and free. To be the spoiled victor to truly know all her wonders…” - Justin Spicer, KEXP


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