Beirut Takeaway

Download Beirut’s Blogotheque Take Away Shows!

Once upon a time, in the warm, vernal streets of France, Beirut filmed a series of impromptu musical performances. These videos were compiled and published on the widely popular website, La Blogotheque, as part of their ‘Take Away Show’ series. A small run of DVDs were produced along with the release of the band’s sophomore album, The Flying Club Cup, in autumn of 2007. These DVDs have long since been sold out and if you are one of the lucky few who own one of these DVDs, you own a rare piece of the band’s history. For the rest of us, however, those bright rays of spring light, caught by the Take Away camera crew, can now be seen in all their high def glory; brought to us by Beirut fan, Chris Peterson. Chris has converted all 13 videos which comprise Beirut’s Take Away Session and posted a link on his blog for a free download. Consider it Christmas come early or Hanukkah come late. Consider it a gift from one Beirut fan to another.

For a download link and instructions, please visit Chris’ blog.


  1. I love Beirut… Please come in France !

  2. [...] Peterson, who set up downloadable links to all of Beirut’s performances for La Blogotheque (read post here). You can now look to Beirut’s YouTube channel to view all of the Take Away Shows as well as [...]

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